Safe and effective milia removal

 Our highly trained and skilled technicians at Laserways can provide safe and effective milia removal.

Milia is commonly found in areas of dry skin where normal secretions are unable to find their way to the skin’s surface. If they are located on areas on the skin that is not dry, they may be caused by ineffective use of products such as mineral oils, sulphates, soaps and parabens.

Treatment with the CryoPen is quick and less traumatic for the skin than alternative extraction such as with a micro-lance.

What are milia?

Milia are small cysts that form on the skin. They are also known as ‘milk spots’ because of their white colour. Milia form when a protein called keratin gets trapped under the skin. The tiny bumps look like whiteheads, but they are not acne. Unlike acne, they don’t develop in a pore and are not red or inflamed. They are most commonly found on the face, particularly around the eyes where they can form in clusters.

Who can be affected by milia?

Milia can affect all people, including:
• Babies – Milia effect up to 50 per cent of babies (known as primary milia)
• Children
• Young adults
• Adults of all ages
• Young women – this could be linked to increased exposure to sunlight (this is know as eruptive milia)

What are the types of milia?

Milia types are classified based on the age at which the cysts occur or what’s causing the cysts to develop. These types also fall into primary or secondary categories.

Primary milia are formed directly from entrapped keratin. These cysts are usually found on the faces of infants or adults.

Secondary milia look similar, but they develop after something clogs the ducts leading to the skin’s surface, like after an injury, burn, or blistering.

Cryotherapy for milia

Once we receive your enquiry for treatment, we will book you in for an initial consultation with one of our experienced technicians to determine if the process is right for you. If it is, we will then agree a programme of treatment based on the severity of your milia and book you in for your first removal session.

The required course of removal treatment is likely to be carried out over a period of weeks to months dependent on the severity of your milia. Upon completion of your treatment programme, it is unlikely the milia will return.

Will it hurt and will there be any side effects?

During the treatment patients may experience a sensation similar to a ballpoint pen being pushed onto the skin when the Nitrous Oxide reaches the bottom of the lesion. The treatment is relatively painless and designed to remove the milia with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Once treatment is completed there should be no side effects or problems, however, if you have any concerns please contact us immediately and we can book you in for an assessment.



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